A part of the argument in the above thread (and what it links to) is that it’s become so much easier to get together to roleplay, and that there are so many more available systems and settings out there, that we don’t have the time to revel (I suppose that’s the right word) in what we do. And to revel especially when alone: working on setting and character, to build on the game even when not around the table with other people. Other things, other entertainment, the smartphones and web bits of our lives, drains on this alone / gestation / maturation time — but I think that it also helps us to build our games. One of the games I’m in is using Trello to organise setting and characters, and the players are, in the alone time they speak about here, building their characters, commenting on them and the setting. Revelling. The things that can nominally take time away from the games also add to them.

Maggie convinced me to try to do a simple cosplay for the upcoming Free Comic Book Day event that the Reader’s Den will be running on May 3rd. I’m working on a costume of Dream, of the Endless. I went to Maggie’s place today for some inspiration and guidance (and because working together is better than working alone), and mostly finished the sewing of a cloak / robe.

Here’s a shot of us working on our separate projects.

Working today on an impromptu cosplay for the upcoming free comic book day. Nearly finished all of the sewing. Here's M and me working on our different projects.

While Google has sold off the bulk of Motorola Mobility to Lenovo, they’ve kept some interesting projects for themselves. This looks like one of them (I’m not sure if this was ever part of MM, but I assume it, like Project Ara, was). This project provides 3D sensing abilities to a phone. It’s pretty neat:

You can find out more from their website, and here’s a break down on the hardware. It seems that the technology that they’re using is similar to what you would find on the kinect: an infra-red pattern emitter along with a camera.

This kind of work (“easily” accessible 3D sensing) excites me a lot, especially when combined about 3d printing: it’s a major part of the loop from physical objects, to digital, back to physical. 3D printers are slowly becoming “easy” to own, but I haven’t yet seen many easy ways to acquire 3D models / measurements of physical objects.

I haven’t used C++ for a while, and haven’t looked closely at the new standard. I’ve remained curious about it though, and this article comparing programming style between C++ (especially templated programming) and Common Lisp is great.

The article also has a brief discussion of optimising Common Lisp code, and gives a great example of how to use the disassembler to figure out what the compiler is doing.


It’s been a long time since I last posted to this blog! My last post was from January, 2012, the week I decided to go from my PhD to full time employment.

So much has happened in the last few years. Friends have married, others have died. I’ve been in art. I’ve built software that I’m proud of, grown to be a better software engineer, dipped my feet in to cosplay, and forgotten a lot of things besides. I’ve stopped eating meat. I’ve begun driving.

And now I’ve decided to return to the blog after watching a video that a friend pointed me to:

The idea from the video that stuck with me was that the space on the web that was closest to being my “presence” on the web (I wanted to say “my space” :P ), was this blog. And I need to tidy it up a bit.

So, I’ll be slowly cleaning up the cobwebs that have gathered around this site, and hopefully begin moving it over to a hosted solution somewhere. And be posting a bit more here than elsewhere.

You can read more about the IndieWeb here.

The first week of work is over and I enjoyed it. Most of it was spent introducing myself to the various libraries and frameworks that I’ll be using, and to the different projects that the company works on. I also did some pair programming, which was a good way to get a gentle introduction to things. It’s still going to take a while to get comfortable with it all and get up to speed, but I think I’m going to enjoy working here.

Here are some more songs that I’ve been listening to (oddly enough, like with the previous post, it’s a paired set of songs again). First is an amazing, sometimes sung, sometimes spoken, version of Lou Reed’s Caroline Says II:

And this is a riff on Caroline Says II by Amanda Palmer — or maybe it’s a homage, or both? It’s called Blake Says, and it might play on a few other Lou Reed / Velvet Underground songs as well (All Tomorrow’s Parties perhaps?), but I’m not sure.

Both of these songs break my heart in little ways.

It’s been a while since I last posted here — not since May, which is one long run of quietness. So, what’s been happening in my life?

After a year of posting fortnightly flash fiction, the Micro Fiction project that some friends and I have been working on has come to an end. It was sad to see the project finish up, but some of the authors have gone on to work on another site, Fictitious, where the projects are not necessarily limited to the flash fiction format. Also, if you want to try your hand at writing something, they’re open to people helping out on their different projects.

A bigger change is that I’m starting a job at Brandseye on Tuesday. I’ve been thinking of finding full-time work for a large portion of the year, and a few months ago began looking around. They’ve offered me a four-day work week, so hopefully the PhD will still be coming along, although at a much reduced pace.

Some music videos I’ve been watching and that have stuck in my brain: this seems to be a fan made video for Placebo’s cover of Running up that hill; I think the montage of people’s video messages works very well.

I’ve also finally listened to some of Radiohead’s newer music. In a vaguely similar theme to the Placebo track, Radiohead’s Videotape is quite explicitly about sending video messages (it’s a gentle, lovely song, but comes with a suicide trigger warning).

It’s been weeks since we’ve speditioned properly, but it seems to be starting up again. Last week we visited Signal Hill during a particularly foggy day and snapped some shots:

Cape Town Stadium fogged in

Some of the other speditioner’s shots are available, too:

On further news, most of this fortnight’s micro fiction submissions are in. Mine is called Vitae.

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Working today on an impromptu cosplay for the upcoming free comic book day. Nearly finished all of the sewing. Here's M and me working on our different projects.

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